Google Email Configuration

This guide covers the setup required to connect a Google email account over OAuth 2.0 for Axosoft Installed.

Configuring Google and your Axosoft Installed Instance

Requirement: You must be on Axosoft Installed version 22.1.0+ in order to use this feature.

To configure a Google Email account connection with OAuth 2.0, start by going to Log in with an account that is associated with your organization. Note that addresses will not work for this.

Name and create your new project. You must use the organization which contains the email account you will be logging into for use with the Axosoft Email Account Management.

Go to the APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen menu option.

Select Internal User Type and then click Create.

Fill in the three required fields of the app information. These are “App name”, “User support email”, and “developer contact information”. Use your own email addresses for the user support email and the developer contact information and use an app name of your choice. Click Save and Continue.

Click the ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES button.

In the Manually add scopes box enter:


Then click the ADD TO TABLE button.

The correct APIs will be automatically selected after the manual add and now just click the UPDATE button to save.

The APIs will now be shown in the app registration screen. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Review the summary page and then click on the Credentials menu item.

Make sure that your new project is selected and click the + CREATE CREDENTIALS button.

Choose the credential type of OAuth client ID to create.

Choose an application type of Web application which will bring up the rest of the fields on this form. Enter a name for the client. Then under the Authorized JavaScript origins section click the + Add URI button and enter the URI that is being used for your instance of Axosoft. This is the URI that you would go to when you use the Axosoft application. Click CREATE and the OAuth client will be created.

The Client ID and the Client Secret for the OAuth client will be needed to create settings for Axosoft. These values can be viewed later at any time from the OAuth client edit screen. Click OK to close this form.

Click the pencil icon for the edit screen to retrieve the Client ID and Client Secret if you did not get them after creating the client.

Navigate to where your Axosoft website files are located (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Axosoft by default) and add a text file named user.config with the following contents. Replace the values with your client ID and secret.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="GoogleClientId" value="" /> 
    <add key="GoogleClientSecret" value="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" />

Navigate to where your Axosoft Email Service files are located (C:\Program Files (x86)\Axosoft\2022\Email Service by default) and insert the following into the AxosoftService.exe.config config file. Replace the values with your client ID and secret.

    <add key="GoogleClientId" value="" /> 
    <add key="GoogleClientSecret" value="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" />

Select the Enabled APIs & services menu option and then click the + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES button.

Enter “Gmail API” in the search box and select the "Gmail API" search result.

Click ENABLE to add this API to the project.

Once this is complete, proceed with connecting your Google Email Account.