Version 17.1

Release Notes

17.1 New

  • Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? When creating new items, you'll now see existing similar or duplicate items populate in a fuzzy-finder-style action, just in case you or someone else has done this before.
  • In a highly-requested feature, you can now rename your email accounts! This makes identifying accounts much easier and is a major quality of life improvment in the app.
  • You can now see the size of your attachments thanks to a new Attachment Size column in the Attachments detail tab.
  • Get rid of those pesky auto-reply emails with the new "Auto Reply" column in the emails tab. This column is quick-filterable which, surprisingly, allows you to filter out these emails, quickly.
  • Exporting items now give the option to include an item's Parent Item.

17.1 Improved

  • To improve burndown and velocity calculations, Axosoft now uses changes in work remaining instead of strictly using work logs. Learn more here.
  • In a major existential improvement, the current user is now always at the top of the Assigned To field dropdown. No more self-searching!
  • Updating attachments, comments, or emails will now update the item’s Last Modified date. Seems only fair.
  • In some parts of the UI, custom tooltips have been implemented for consistency between browsers, instead of using the browser defaults.
  • Detail panes can now be reordered. Go to the right panel and select whether to move a panel up or down from the ellipsis drop-down menu. Or, drag and drop tabs if in the bottom panel.
  • Expand/collapse this/all groups have been added as right-click options to group headers, for speedier selection
  • Portal users can now sort by rank.
  • In date picker, you can now select days that are beyond the currently-viewed month.
  • Inactive users in user fields are now labeled as inactive, because that's what they are.
  • Estimate info in cards is now shown as work done / total work. Thanks for the UI feedback on that one!
  • Users can specify the time unit of their capacity settings in User Options
  • The name of the selected tab now magically makes its way to your browser title bar as a reference and for a feeling of all-round completeness.

17.1 Fixed

  • Ranking items is now much faster than before.
  • Axosoft learned a bad trick where it would duplicate workflow groupings when grouping by workflow. A visit to QA‘s corner wall fixed the bad behavior.
  • You can no longer add a relation between the same two items multiple times.
  • Turns out that the Enforce workflow step selection for items setting did precisely the opposite, not actually enforcing the selection. You had one job.
  • When an item is moved from one item type to another, the Changed By and Created By fields now update to the user who moved that item.
  • Workflows being used by a project can no longer be deactivated.
  • See that last one? The reverse is also true. Projects can no longer be set to use an inactive workflow.
  • If an item's project didn't have a default template set, things would get screwy with the notification preview and email content. This is now fixed.
  • Selecting a whole bunch of items no longer pushes the save button in the Add Related Items popup offscreen.
  • The Wiki Page History detail pane is now consistent whether it’s on the right panel or bottom panel, so you'll see all of the options you've come to love, regardless of the pane's location.
  • Changing an item’s Project will no longer cause the Project value to change a second time (because the new workflow step was telling it to).
  • Comment textareas' content would turn into raw html if the item’s Workstep step was changed before the comment was submitted. Gross! Fixed.
  • Sometimes, after editing a subitem, the item grid was not refreshing. As of today, that bug is but a distant memory.
  • Manage Workflows and Manage Field Templates pages in macOS Safari were rendering in avant garde mode. This has been fixed to a more mainstream, consistent layout.
  • On occasion, when lots of tabs were open, the left/right arrows would disappear. No more hookie for you, arrows!
  • You can now edit an active Release of an item even if one of its ancestors is inactive.
  • Deleting a contact tied to a workflow step notification was rendering that workflow step uneditable. Workflow steps can now be edited as usual.
  • If an item is moved to the completed step, then moved into another step prior to the completion step, the Completion Date is cleared out.
  • Fields in the Email Accounts default values section are now listed alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't save the redirect setting in Portal Settings Embedded Portal
  • The Category list dropdown wasn't showing any options in Portal, and this has been fixed.
  • Notification conditions for checkbox fields now display True/False instead of NONE
  • (Installed): Searching the projects panel doesn’t get stuck “searching…” anymore.


  • v1 is no longer supported.
  • New: /item_relations/{item_type}/{item_id} returns a list of item relations for the given item.