You can view detailed error messages in the Exception Viewer by navigating to Tools Utilities Exception Viewer

This is a useful place to get more information on any errors in the system causing issues.

Using the Exception Viewer

When accessing your exception viewer, sort by the most recent events:

If an exception's created date matches the time of the error or unexpected behavior in Axosoft, dive into that exception's details shown in the bottom of your screen:

In this example ☝️ we see the error is an IMAPException, so it is likely email related.

Exception Message Likely Cause Things to Check
Not connected to IMAP server. Execute IMAP4.Connect(), IMAP4.Reconnect() or IMAP4.Login() to open the IMAP server connection. One of your email accounts cannot connect to its mail server Update the account settings for the email account that can't connect. To determine which account, you may need to force a manual check on the account by clicking the refresh icon

When sending exception details to the Axosoft Customer Success team, please be sure to include all of the exception details in the text or screenshot.

If you are receiving an error and have any questions about the details or a fix, you can copy all of the exception details and send it to success@axosoft.com for more information.