Version 17

17.1.4 Release Notes: Bugfixes

Hosted Release: January 20th, 2018

17.1.4 Fixed

  • Imported mail being forwarded to a different email account will now create a separate item, instead of adding to the original ticket when the ItemID is removed from the subject line.
  • Ranking subitems will no longer unrank the parent, when moving child items around other child items that do not match filters.
  • Source Control commits will no longer create multiple work log entries for the same commit.
  • Users may now enter {TAB} as a delimiter on the import page.
  • Comment contents will now save when attaching a file in View mode.
  • Comment text is now easier to read as users approach the character limit.
  • When editing an item, a warning will now appear after clicking Xto close a tab.
  • Copy email account will now copy new account as Inactive.
  • Multi-Edit is no longer grayed out in an All Items tab when selecting all items within a group header.
  • In the Release Access section of projects, there was a display issue with parent releases, which has now been fixed.
  • Items on page 1 will now appear after deleting all items on page 2.
  • Axosoft will no longer create extra exceptions when using Reply All on emails with attachments.
  • Importing estimates without a time unit defined in the file, will now correctly import values based on the default time unit set in the importer.

17.1.3 Release Notes: Bugfixes

Hosted Release: October 21st, 2017

17.1.3 Improvements

  • Archive wizard now includes a checkbox that will return inactive project items (if selected).

17.1.3 Fixed

  • When a user is conducting an import, they will now see a Permission Denied message next to the project field until they select the appropriate project. (Rather than getting a Permission Denied error on initial load of the import page if they do not have permission for a preceding project from the drop-down list.)
  • When viewing an item and then clicking to view a related Item, the auto-refresh trigger no longer sends you back to viewing the original item.
  • When Restrict viewing items to: permissions were changed from All Projects to any other project, customers who had items assigned to them could no longer add attachments to those items. Now the customers can add attachments to assigned items in the portal.
  • Email account imports are no longer case sensitive, and they will now map emails to customer contacts.
  • Rearranging columns will no longer cause items to be moved into the rank/unranked section (if you’re in ranked mode).
  • {Item_last_email} placeholder now shows... wait for it… the latest email, rather than the first.
  • Custom dates in Work Logs tab: the dates between server and client are in sync now. (They were off by one day with different timezone combinations previously.)
  • Edge 15 browser users: the description field no longer displays dots around fields (when selected).

17.1.2 Release Notes: Bugfixes

Hosted Release: August 12th, 2017

17.1.2 Fixed

Here are the bugs we've exterminated with this release:

  • Email account credentials are no longer displayed as clear text in IIS logs.
  • Exchange Server would reuse Message IDs, which prevented email importing. Axosoft will no longer treat these emails as read.
  • Safari users may now choose filter conditions.
  • Filters will stop showing project IDs instead of project name if projects are inactive.
  • Deleting time units would break existing work logs that used those time units. This should no longer happen.
  • Mobile users of installed versions of Axosoft would get 404 error after logging in or out. The 404's should cease :)
  • Right clicking on a release is now faster with larger data sets of releases.
  • Searching Releases Pane will no longer get stuck loading if SQL Server was upgraded to SQL 2014.
  • Saved Work Logs tab will now retain the Team selection.
  • Switching tabs will no longer leave Releases pane open.
  • Show Inactive Releases now allows horizontal scroll in Releases pane.
  • Search bar now keeps cursor focus when contents are cleared by clicking x
  • VS Team Services or TFS extensions title no longer cut off after save.
  • You may now remove inactive users from security role screen.
  • Grouping work logs relabeled to "### work logs" instead of "### items".

17.1.1 Release Notes: Bugfixes

Hosted Release: May 20th, 2017

17.1.1 New

  • Standup renamed to Daily Scrum.

17.1.1 Improvements

  • Inactive projects and releases are now visually marked in the Organize Panel.
  • In card view, you may hover over the parent icon on a subitem card to get the Parent ID.
  • Subitems pane/tab in the Details Panel now has right-click options for removing the subitem from the parent. It's as though the child has grown up and gone to college.
  • We made the ellipsis menu available in the Detail panes even if they are collapsed. This way you can reorder them without having to expand them.
  • When editing a workflow step, you will always see the name of that step at the top. It'll help you get your bearings.

17.1.1 Fixed

We really appreciate your help finding these defects. Here is what we managed to squash this round:

  • Duplicate items will no longer be created if an email that was used to create an item receives a new reply.
  • Dragging items into a release sometimes did not assign all the items to that release if the items had parents/children in different releases. This has been fixed!
  • Item cards were staying in the section they were dragged to if the user selected “No” in the confirmation prompt. They should now return as expected.
  • In Rank View, items were not refreshing when assigned to another project or release. They should now disappear as expected.
  • Fixed Requested By field mapping not working when importing items.
  • Fixed the inability to edit item relations. (Thanks Pôle!)
  • Inactive releases will now be included in the releases pane search results when a user has “Show Inactive Releases” setting turned on.
  • Fixed false Permission Denied error when trying to archive items.
  • There is so no longer a scrambled error message on Portal when a contact tries to upload an attachment above the allowed file size limit.
  • If you have a legacy filter with Archived filter conditions, you may now edit the archive filter conditions.
  • X button in the Wiki tab will now clear out the search filter.
  • Fixed filters sometimes not appearing in the filter bar in Wiki tabs.
  • Filters with long names will be shortened and no longer wrap to the second line and get cut off.
  • If you had long text in the “hours complete” of an item card, it would push the assignee image off the card. We agree it looked terrible so we squashed the UI bug in this release.
  • Pasting text copied from Microsoft Word into large text fields will retain more formatting than before.
  • Fixed the inability to change a user’s capacity settings in Internet Explorer 11. If you ever wish to break up with IE, we hear Google Chrome and Firefox are just terrific.
  • Opened field dropdown menus in Add/Edit item no longer stay on the screen when you scroll away.
  • Portal no longer shows whether the Assigned To user is inactive or not.


  • Fixed API calls made using a capital ‘v’ for the version number (ex: /api/V6/)
  • The /{item_type}/{id}/check_wip_limit is now a public API call.

17.1 Release Notes

17.1 New

  • Ever get that feeling of déjà vu? When creating new items, you'll now see existing similar or duplicate items populate in a fuzzy-finder-style action, just in case you or someone else has done this before.
  • In a highly-requested feature, you can now rename your email accounts! This makes identifying accounts much easier and is a major quality of life improvment in the app.
  • You can now see the size of your attachments thanks to a new Attachment Size column in the Attachments detail tab.
  • Get rid of those pesky auto-reply emails with the new "Auto Reply" column in the emails tab. This column is quick-filterable which, surprisingly, allows you to filter out these emails, quickly.
  • Exporting items now give the option to include an item's Parent Item.

17.1 Improved

  • To improve burndown and velocity calculations, Axosoft now uses changes in work remaining instead of strictly using work logs. Learn more here.
  • In a major existential improvement, the current user is now always at the top of the Assigned To field dropdown. No more self-searching!
  • Updating attachments, comments, or emails will now update the item’s Last Modified date. Seems only fair.
  • In some parts of the UI, custom tooltips have been implemented for consistency between browsers, instead of using the browser defaults.
  • Detail panes can now be reordered. Go to the right panel and select whether to move a panel up or down from the ellipsis drop-down menu. Or, drag and drop tabs if in the bottom panel.
  • Expand/collapse this/all groups have been added as right-click options to group headers, for speedier selection
  • Portal users can now sort by rank.
  • In date picker, you can now select days that are beyond the currently-viewed month.
  • Inactive users in user fields are now labeled as inactive, because that's what they are.
  • Estimate info in cards is now shown as work done / total work. Thanks for the UI feedback on that one!
  • Users can specify the time unit of their capacity settings in User Options
  • The name of the selected tab now magically makes its way to your browser title bar as a reference and for a feeling of all-round completeness.

17.1 Fixed

  • Ranking items is now much faster than before.
  • Axosoft learned a bad trick where it would duplicate workflow groupings when grouping by workflow. A visit to QA‘s corner wall fixed the bad behavior.
  • You can no longer add a relation between the same two items multiple times.
  • Turns out that the Enforce workflow step selection for items setting did precisely the opposite, not actually enforcing the selection. You had one job.
  • When an item is moved from one item type to another, the Changed By and Created By fields now update to the user who moved that item.
  • Workflows being used by a project can no longer be deactivated.
  • See that last one? The reverse is also true. Projects can no longer be set to use an inactive workflow.
  • If an item's project didn't have a default template set, things would get screwy with the notification preview and email content. This is now fixed.
  • Selecting a whole bunch of items no longer pushes the save button in the Add Related Items popup offscreen.
  • The Wiki Page History detail pane is now consistent whether it’s on the right panel or bottom panel, so you'll see all of the options you've come to love, regardless of the pane's location.
  • Changing an item’s Project will no longer cause the Project value to change a second time (because the new workflow step was telling it to).
  • Comment textareas' content would turn into raw html if the item’s Workstep step was changed before the comment was submitted. Gross! Fixed.
  • Sometimes, after editing a subitem, the item grid was not refreshing. As of today, that bug is but a distant memory.
  • Manage Workflows and Manage Field Templates pages in macOS Safari were rendering in avant garde mode. This has been fixed to a more mainstream, consistent layout.
  • On occasion, when lots of tabs were open, the left/right arrows would disappear. No more hookie for you, arrows!
  • You can now edit an active Release of an item even if one of its ancestors is inactive.
  • Deleting a contact tied to a workflow step notification was rendering that workflow step uneditable. Workflow steps can now be edited as usual.
  • If an item is moved to the completed step, then moved into another step prior to the completion step, the Completion Date is cleared out.
  • Fields in the Email Accounts default values section are now listed alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't save the redirect setting in Portal Settings Embedded Portal
  • The Category list dropdown wasn't showing any options in Portal, and this has been fixed.
  • Notification conditions for checkbox fields now display True/False instead of NONE
  • (Installed): Searching the projects panel doesn’t get stuck “searching…” anymore.


  • v1 is no longer supported.
  • New: /item_relations/{item_type}/{item_id} returns a list of item relations for the given item.

17.0.2 Release Notes: Bugfixes

Hosted Release: March 18th, 2017

17.0.2 Improvements

  • In the Filters dropdown, your private filters and all public filters are now grouped separately, because private and public are conceptual opposites.
  • In a hurry? You can now switch tabs without having to close the currently open item first.
  • Add Contact / Add Customer options have been added to the right-click menus of customers and contacts in the Organize panel, you social butterfly, you.
  • If you resize a detail panel (in the popped out View Item page), Axosoft will remember the panel’s height and apply it in future windows.
  • In the Related Items detail tab, the gear icon now groups the fields by Item Type, so there aren’t a ridiculous amount of options blurted out in one go.
  • On the Daily Standup page, items now show their workflow step.
  • When deleting a customer, the confirmation prompt now tells you which customer it is and how many contacts it has, so you don’t get that sinking feeling in your stomach.
  • The Add button for comments used to live inside the (scrollable) comments area, but that could push it out of view. It now sits happily outside that area, always visible.

17.0.2 Fixes

  • Dates and Workflow Steps are now ordered correctly in the Item Chart dashboard gadget.
  • Sometimes, Axosoft pie charts would break the cardinal Pie Chart Rule which is “do not color 2 adjacent slices the same color.” Our pie charts have attended a pie chart refresher course and you will now see a clear pie chart.
  • If you were experiencing performance issues when ranking items, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. It should be much better now.
  • You can, once more, paste multiple ; separated emails in the email To field.
  • Items would somehow get unexpectedly converted into a subitem when scrolling, clicking, or dragging and dropping items. This disorderly behavior has been reprimanded and fixed. Slaps on the wrists all round!
  • Dragging should be a quick and responsive thing to do, which is why we’ve snappied up the dragging of items between workflow steps.
  • Inactive users? Release Planner tab no longer shows ‘em.
  • Imagine if, every time you left the house, you forgot where you lived. Stressful. And analogous to what was happening in the Release Planner, where removing an item from a release would also un-assign that item. Assignees now retain that item unless explicitly unassigned!
  • The loading delay when popping an item out into a window is now fixed.
  • If you change the time unit, you want to see that time unit, like right now! In a timely manner! The items list will now refresh if the preferred time unit is changed.
  • When editing a team, the popup now resizes as users are added or removed, so the Save button won’t go off screen.
  • You can, once more, set the Reported By field to an inactive user.
  • Closing the item search box when there was nothing typed inside it used to trigger an unnecessary item refresh. Wasteful! Doesn’t anymore.
  • When importing contacts, setting a default contact no longer freaks out if the contact has no first or last name.
  • When viewing items in the Customer Portal, the fields at the bottom no longer get cut off.
  • The example Dashboard no longer breaks when shared, if the Admin user hasn’t logged in.
  • The “Prioritize your work” tutorial no longer breaks when a user is in the Dashboard tab.
  • Let’s do one thing at a time. Our tutorials will first let you close an open item before starting.
  • For one hotkey minute, the r hotkey stopped triggering a reply to in the Emails tab. It works again. But it did stop working! Did you notice?
  • Embedded email images with a src attribute in the format cid:... now display correctly.
  • The options and “remove” buttons for Dashboard gadgets are now more visible.
  • View Item shouldn’t have 2 scrollbars when there are a lot of fields, anymore.
  • Editing a Workflow Step notification will open the Notification section directly in the Edit Workflow Step page.
  • Quick Add Project / Release no longer expands every node. Why did it do that?! Now it just expands the ones it needs to display the new project/release.

17.0.1 Release Notes: Bugfixes

17.0.1 Improvements

  • Speed improvements!
  • In List View, refreshing the items is now up to 4x faster.
  • The planning section of the Release Planner now loads up to 10x faster!
  • Searching projects/releases in the organize panel is now faster for databases with lots of projects or releases.
  • Sorting improvements: Having to go into User Options to modify comment or history sorting settings was a chore and a bore. Now you can update these settings right from the comments/history sections.
  • The Organize Panel now has extra functionality: each panes’ ellipsis dropdown menu allows you to remove or reorder panes.
  • Added the ability to add notification conditions for when Changed By or Assigned To are set to blank (Changed By is set to blank when updated by a contact, so the condition can be used to see if the item was updated in Portal)
  • Running reports used to timeout after 1 minute, which wasn’t always giving it a fair chance. Not wanting to do things by halves, we’ve bumped that up to 10 minutes instead.
  • You can now resize the bottom details panel in the popped out “View Item” page.
  • The Release Planner’s Release dropdown is no longer a mere dropdown; it’s now searchable, too!
  • You can now clear search terms in the Organize Panel. You can’t miss it, it’s a little x right there. There are also progress indicators to tell you that a search is in progress.
  • Middle-click a main tab to remove that tab. Have fun with that one!

17.0.1 Fixes

  • Notifications that check for a multi-select field now work.
  • Did you remove a time unit? You’ll notice that it will now update the grid if fields were displaying that time unit. It was supposed to do this all along!
  • User email address 100-character limit is now enforced on the client-side as well, so now there are no mixed signals about where you stand on the email-character-limit front.
  • When multi-editing items, the Assigned To field now only shows those users with permission to the project if all items being edited are in the same project.
  • Style tags in large text fields are now stripped out as soon as field is saved. Your eyes will thank us.
  • HTML class names in large text fields are now stripped out as soon as a field is saved. Your web developers will thank us.
  • While we’re on the subject, viewing an item will strip out previously saved HTML classes. This prevents Axosoft styles creeping in and creating a visual ruckus.
  • When adding filter conditions, only active projects and releases are shown.
  • You may have noticed the absence of an attachment icon for emails, even if those emails did have attachments. We have a zero tolerance policy on icons playing hooky, so it’s back, and will not make the same mistake again.
  • Sometimes you’ve just gotta respect those time units. In some views, the user’s time unit was not being respected. This has now been fixed for the following views:
    • Print page in card view mode
    • The Work Done field when adding work logs
  • Wiki notifications now include the title of the Wiki page
  • @ mention notifications for Tickets now show the public ticket number (before they were showing the internal ID which wasn't very useful)
  • Sometimes, moving items into a project would leave those items without a workflow step. Sad! Fixed.
  • You can now safely stamp a large field when it contains nothing but a single image, if that’s your thing. The image will no longer be removed.
  • Required fields in Edit Project are now marked with an asterisk. That’s classic form behavior, folks, classic.
  • Tutorial slides work in IE10!
  • Tutorial hotspots no longer block the Esc key from closing popups, and they also don't jump over to the corner when switching tabs.
  • “Clear all filters” x button in a Wiki tab now clears the active search as well.
  • Double clicking on a worklog now opens one popup and one popup only. Not two, one.
  • Requiring or changing a dashboard password will now re-prompt anyone using the dashboard URL to re-authenticate.
  • You can now have multiple public dashboards open without being harassed for passwords.
  • You can once more right-click to spellcheck inside comment fields.
  • In Add Custom Integration, Insert Placeholder no longer breaks if no URL is entered.
  • Multi-select dropdown fields would display “No Results” after clearing a value, which is a bug. It’s fixed now!
  • You can now add a worklog to a collapsed parent item and it will behave in the same way as if the parent was expanded, aka, the correct way.
  • Related Item Count and Comment Count placeholders for notifications now work correctly.
  • Fixed OnTimeItem.IncidentId not found error caused by undoing item changes or adding a worklog.
  • Under some circumstances, dragging and dropping an attachment to upload it would either upload duplicate attachments or prevent new attachments. We made it compromise by successfully uploading, and just doing it once. Everything in moderation.
  • Custom text fields no longer get truncated after increasing the field size limit.
  • If a user didn’t have permissions to edit some fields, an error would prevent that user from performing Save followed by Save & Close.
  • The collapsed/expanded state of nodes is now attached to that main tab, so you can have different states in different tabs without interference.
  • Pasting images that were copied from the web into large text fields no longer pastes the image twice. Once is enough, duly noted.
  • Fixed audit trails that were created before v14.0 showing blank changes for custom pick lists.
  • Fixed error caused by trying to add wiki comments after editing a wiki page.
  • Wiki notification emails now show the wiki page instead of the ID.

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve made some subtle changes to the major UI update introduced in 17.0.0.

  • In Card View, added back a way to see an item’s parent (via a parent icon, surprisingly).
  • View project detail tabs now display detail counts.
  • In Card View, the state of expanded/collapsed columns now persists after a page refresh. It used to, then it stopped, now it does it again.
  • Add Custom Field doesn’t greedily gobble up the entire window real estate anymore.
  • Fixed project alignment in Security Role project permissions which rather embarrassingly made projects with sub-projects look like they were children of sibling projects. Awkward.
  • Sort by Rank in the view mode dropdown now gets unchecked if user sorts by another field
  • Projects can no longer be given a blank name when editing the title inline – nice try!
  • Various style tweaks and fixes to get things more visually stable and consistent and far less wonky.


  • Comments API now takes an optional sort_desc bool parameter rather than relying on the user’s settings:
    • {item_type}/{id}/comments
    • {wiki_pages}/{id}/comments
  • Projects API now takes an optional include_inactive_projects parameter rather than relying on the user’s settings:
    • projects/{id}
  • Releases API now takes an optional include_inactive_releases parameter rather than relying on the user’s settings:
    • releases/{id}
    • releases/{id}/capacity_details

17.0 Release Notes

The New Look of 17.0

  • Version 17 is a huge update, and the first thing you’ll notice is the makeover the UI has received. Oh yes, we spent a lot of time looking at the UI, and where it needed to improve. We surprised it with a $5,000 gift card. We threw out its old clothes. We made it over with new makeup and a fresh hairstyle. We placed it in a 360º mirror, and it became tearful with emotional gratitude. We hope you enjoy the updated UI, and that it makes things simpler to use in-app.
  • The Add Tab button dropdown has been reorganized and now flaunts some useful icons so you can recognize what you’re looking for quicker.
  • Detail panels: now with even more detail! Before, the panels would light up to tell you that there was content in that detail. Now, they have a counter to tell you how many comments, related items, and attachments exist.
  • When filtering the Users panel using its search field, the list itself is filtered as you type, instead of producing a separate tree of users over the top.
  • The Customers panel has been given the same treatment as the Users panel, so it’s all consistent.
  • Card View items are easier to select and multi-edit, thanks to their new checkboxes. Thanks, checkboxes.
  • Add Related Items popup now automatically opens the "Item Search" popup.
  • The login page now shows your account domain.
  • The Release Planner tab now has the same icon as the Releases panel. We’re doing your eyes a solid.

17.0 New & Improved Features

  • Command Palette: Hit shift + p to open a new modal that lets you perform common tasks right from the keyboard. As you type, it’ll filter the commands and select the most likely option. This is also handy if you’ve forgotten a keyboard shortcut sequence for an action, as it lists those shortcuts next to the respective command descriptions.
  • You can now add non-expiring tokens in the “Manage Tokens” popup. You don’t have to, but you can.
  • You can now search the Projects and Releases panels. Simply mouse over the panel header and click the magnifying glass to the right. Tight.
  • If your main grid has no items to show, you’ll now be shown some handy tips instead. But only if your grid is empty. This ain’t Axosoft Clippy.
  • New column choice! In List View, you can now add a “Comment Count” column.
  • Why should the List View get all the fun? Comment counts are now shown in the top-right of each card in the Card View, as long as there’s at least one comment.


  • Removed Edit Workflow button in Card View. That option already exists in the Workflow dropdown.
  • Quick Add Team was a bit of a – gasp!lie. It actually had the exact same fields as the Full Add Team option. You may have felt it was quicker, but unfortunately it was just a placebo effect. So, somewhat ironically, we’ve removed the Quick Add button, to keep things simpler.

Relocated Elements


  • The filter bar is now above the main toolbar and side panels.
  • The Filters dropdown has been moved from the main toolbar to the filter bar.
  • In the Wiki tab, the Filters dropdown has moved from the More menu to the filter bar.
  • The active filter is now right next to the Filters dropdown. Makes more sense, doesn’t it?
  • The search icon/input has been moved from main toolbar to — you guessed it — the filter bar.
  • View mode buttons in the main toolbar have been replaced with a dropdown.
  • The cardgrid refresh button is now the first button in the main toolbar.
  • The auto-refresh timer button has been moved into the More menu in the main toolbar.
  • Print and Reports buttons have been moved into the More menu in the main toolbar.
  • The Quick Add Item form now shows up under the filter bar and main toolbar instead of muscling in and pushing them down.
  • The embedded chart also shows up under the filter bar and main toolbar instead of pushing them down.

Side Panels

  • The side panel toolbar options have moved into an “ellipsis” dropdown menu.
  • The first option in the toolbar is now a “quick action” button that shows up next to the tab label.

API Changes

  • All API calls now do a license check.
  • comments.count is now available as a column in the items APIs.
  • /{item_type}/{id}/details API now returns a dictionary of detail counts instead of a list of details with content.
  • filters parameter of Items APIs now support multiple comma-separated values
  • The following APIs are now public:
    • /security/permissions/global
    • /security/permissions/project/{id}
    • /{item_type}/{id}/template/view


  • Site updates will now refresh the page instead of logging you out.
  • When copying an email account, the assigned Project ID will no longer fall off.
  • Did you ever try searching for "-"? If you did, congratulations, you broke the internet! We’ve fixed the app crashing when you do that.
  • @ mentioning a team no longer notifies the team member making the mention.
  • If a user doesn’t have project permission to add items, the main toolbar Add button now appears as disabled.
  • Renaming or removing a list value will now update default values in field templates.
  • Hyperlink fields are now clickable in View Project.
  • Changed By now shows up in change notifications if it is part of the field template.
  • Users/contacts with only a first or last name now get mapped correctly when importing items. Hear that? It’s Madonna and Bono squealing with excitement!
  • Fixed an error that would occur when adding a History tab after adding a Wiki tab.
  • Adding comments placeholder to the subject line of a notification template would cause an error, but not any more.
  • Fixed an issue where a custom field template would fail to save if there was a multi-select list.
  • Fixed not being able to set a contact with a missing first or last name as a default value in Import Items. Drake, that one is for you.
  • Group By now works in Manage Notifications.
  • From input now automatically shows an email dropdown option when Include current user's email in list option is enabled.
  • Customer portal header image uploads now accept uppercase file extensions. They didn’t before, but did anyone notice?
  • Adding a notification to a Zendesk ticket no longer deselects the ticket.
  • If a user attempts to set a max text field size over 400 characters, a validation message now appears.
  • In the Organize panel, resizing the window would cause drag-drop to stop working. That was a real drag, and we’ve fixed it.
  • Fixed “edit item” so it doesn’t automatically reset the value of built-in list fields with renamed list values.
  • Fixed VSTS Git webhook caused by merged pull request not updating the associated Axosoft item.
  • Fixed an error caused by GitLab merge request webhook.
  • GitHub’s 'ping' message would cause Axosoft to return a 500 error code. That might be your favorite error code, but all errors are bad, so we’ve fixed it.
  • The password reset page was taking its sweet time, like it didn’t have a care in the world. We’ve whipped it into shape.