The Axosoft Slack Bot allows you to query your Axosoft items, while the SocialConnect integration will allow you to post notifications to any Slack channel.

Axosoft Slack Bot

Get Your Item

The Slack Bot understands a number of commands and replies with a list of items in your Axosoft database. Just mention the Bot in any channel with a direct mention, or direct message the Bot to get your data.

Slack Bot Commands

Direct message the Slack Bot 'help' for a list of supported commands.

Getting Item Details

The Slack Bot can fetch item details for any items that you mention using the format axo #, i.e. I was looking at axo 123 and had some questions returns details of item 123. For this, the Slack Bot is always listening in channels that he's currently in, so you don't need to direct mention to get item details.

Note: If you are a legacy customer, you can also use the formataxod # to get defect item details and axot # for task item details. The Ticket or Incident type is not available.

Inviting the Bot to a Channel

If the Slack Bot is already in a channel, the Bot will reply to any commands or direct mentions. But if the Bot is not in the channel, Slack will ask if you would like to invite them to join the channel.

Removing the Bot from a Channel

If you want to stop getting updates from the Bot in any of your channels, you can ask it politely to leave. Just type /remove @axosoft and he'll stop bugging you.

Installing the Slack Bot

  1. Add the Bot to your Slack team:

    Click on the button below to add the Slack Bot to your account. In the popup window you can authorize the @axosoft Bot, and it will be added as a user in your Slack account. This only needs to be done once for your team.

    Add to Slack

  2. Enter your Axosoft URL

    The Axosoft Slack Bot is a user in your Slack account that can be direct messaged or mentioned in any channel. After adding the Bot, the first time you try to get data (like @axosoft get my open items or other commands listed above), it'll ask you to enter the URL for your Axosoft account and login. Enter the full URL and we'll save it for later to connect to your database.

Social Connect

Social Connect is a site that can send data from any of your notifications to update channels in Slack, Yammer, or HipChat. Continue here for more about configuring Social Connect.