Version 12

Release dates: March - October 2012

This page covers all the noted changes introduced in version 12 of Axosoft.

  • Dashboards
  • Grid PDF reports
  • RESTful API

12.2.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released October 22nd, 2012

12.2.1 Fixes

  • Safari not loading web client on servers that do not use daylight savings
  • Custom Large Text Fields data is cleared on refresh
  • Custom Date Filtering not working on main tabs
  • Add work log is not working If only one unit type in list or "hrs" is not the default time unit type
  • Status, Priority, Severity fields not saving when adding/editing
  • Reports generated display a red message at the bottom from active reports
  • Adding an attachment inside wiki produces error if wiki is assigned to “all projects”
  • Clicking copy button for field templates does not copy
  • Cannot Add Related Items for other item types if user doesn't have add defect privilege
  • Adding a canned response when replying to an email moved the scroll to bottom
  • Allowed Next Steps security roles don't line up with check-boxes
  • Inactive users are blanked out on edit item if system option settings include inactive user is turned off
  • Backspace on large text fields inserts cursor at the beginning of text
  • Items with comments could not be duplicated
  • Vote option still available in right click menu if voting disabled in system options
  • Assigned To field is not getting inserted by the user selected in the accordion for Planning Board
  • Shift + C doesn't insert accordion selections into the assigned to customer release field
  • Global settings locator was not working in French language
  • Work Log prompt will no longer accept work log of 0 hours when required through workflow step
  • If item has one or more source files attached then duplicating item will time-out
  • C shortcut key for Planning Board doesn't insert accordion selection into the assigned to customer release field
  • Custom large text fields do not show in details pane after adding it field template organizer
  • Cannot make distinction between editable/ read-only field labels
  • Resetting password log in page doesn't prompt user why the password failed
  • Custom Multi Pick-List display as a drop-down in projects
  • Customer Contact Email not populating into the "To" field on new emails
  • Attachments duplicate when new email is imported
  • Dashboard charts look different based on time zone
  • Dashboard Start date was being ignored for velocity if it was the only date specified
  • Importing items does not place in first workflow step
  • Workflow menu does not always respect the allowed next step permission
  • Users without manage public views still could rename or delete views
  • DD/MM/YYYY formatting would switch dates in certain cases
  • Cannot edit items that are opened through related item accordion
  • GitHub not updating Remaining Estimate when adding Worklogs
  • Pick Lists showing incorrect values if the two parents above had the same name
  • Relation type drop down displays empty list in French language
  • User without “all project” access would get permissions error on view history of item if history ID matched an item id that was deleted
  • Clicking save doesn't work when multiple attachments are selected
  • Images inserted to large text fields were not included in the auto-reply
  • Comma is now excepted in time unit fields
  • Security Roles not sorting correctly in Manage Users
  • Comments Tab not loading data in IE7
  • Custom comments fields added to template are not visible when viewing items in the Customer Portal

12.2 Release Notes

12.2 New

  • Email editor auto-complete and pop out window
  • API Support
  • Custom field creation in the Field Template Editor

12.2 Improvements

  • Improved implementation of custom field through field template editor
  • Improved add/edit release form
  • Work log editor that displays the time worked in a better visual presentation

12.2 Fixes

  • Work Log window should have a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S
  • Planning Board not working in V10 mode
  • Moving cards in Planning Board from one step to another would cause card to disappear if item was in an inactive release
  • Created By field was blank if adding item with customer contact selected in accordion
  • Parent drop down in add/edit project not populating inactive projects if settings is turned on
  • Getting locking error if clicking 'save' when work log is required
  • Checkboxes are not editable in IE9 for workflow step settings
  • Drag and Drop to releases accordion not respecting field level security
  • Cannot link to wiki pages if project has “ ' ” in title
  • Mixup with outgoing emails showing as incoming

12.1.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released July 2nd, 2012

12.1.1 Fixes

  • Email Notifications {CHANGEDDETAILS} is blank for new Comments
  • Unable to filter using remaining, original or actual duration
  • Can't delete comments after clicking into a new window
  • Notifications that use email address use 'user' template rather than 'customer' template
  • Can't change schedule of a previously created alert
  • Add Subitem does not put correct value for projects if workflow settings have a default value
  • Notification emails showing blank for parent project field
  • Moving related item to add a new window removes the relation between the items
  • Add warning message when Drag and Dropping projects or releases
  • User and Customer accordions are not filtering items when on the planning board tab
  • Comments shouldn't auto save if user actions are outside of app
  • When replying to emails with embedded images, the image would be lost after sending
  • Work log type field label missing
  • Edit Workflow step not triggering external process
  • Filtering items by Customer accordion has no effect on exporting
  • Several pages that didn't have scroll enabled with smaller resolutions
  • Wiki pages cannot be linked to if they are not publicly viewable
  • List report displays wrong grouping and sorting versus items grid
  • View item doesn't display the blue dot until you click on the tab
  • History accordion never display blue dot when data exists
  • Drag and Drop doesn't work for some projects when project levels were very deep
  • Portal setting User fields were getting assigned to a user by default if ID matched
  • View button in attachment window would download instead if extension had capitol letters
  • Updating customer contact password has UI issues with Firefox Password Manager
  • Wiki page cannot be set to default page after initial wiki has already been assigned
  • Filter lists do not auto scroll if menu goes off the page
  • Dashboard freezes system if saving an empty value for the "item data" drop down on item chart
  • Saving System Options not working for Help Desk only module
  • Workflow "allowed next step" is overriding on save when selecting different roles
  • Changing Gadget value does not update the gadget when saving
  • Move menu for wiki pages do not auto scroll if project list is off page
  • Dashboard/Projected Ship Date Gadget produces error if only 1 time unit type exist
  • Duplicate attachments are creating when adding image to email body
  • When SCM tab is docked below item grid then user login freezes
  • Field template default values not saving for custom pick lists
  • Dashboard Gadget Projected Ship Date not respecting weekends
  • Grouping/filtering by custom pick list in “all items” tab causes error
  • Link for manage workflow under Email Accounts/Customer Emails goes to old workflow UI
  • Cannot save parent or child item if is in [no workflow step]
  • View incident is getting wrong item if customer removes Incident Prefix in system options
  • Adding/Editing Items in the portal would confuse user id and customer id
  • Adding items in portal use project id based on order if no default project exist
  • Email Notifications links was not working for incidents
  • Removing "publicly viewable" check box when editing produces error on save for anonymous
  • Project Dashboard would not show existing views and produce error on add new view
  • Work Log Types arrows to order list don't work in Manage List Types

12.1 Release Notes

12.1 New

  • Dashboards
  • Dashboard security that allows users to set a dashboard as private or public to other users with appropriate security.
  • Dashboard gadgets for burndown charts, item charts, velocity data, projected ship date, work remaining, plain text, Twitter feeds and Twitter search.
  • Automatic notification triggers in workflows
  • Set default values for fields in field templates

12.1 Improvements

  • Drag and drop workflow management
  • Workflow logic for subitems that automatically moves a parent item to a new workflow step when all of its subitems have reached a specified step, moves all subitems if a parent reaches a specific step, and blocks a parent item from moving until all of its subitems reach a specified step.
  • Field template editor lets users design with a drag and drop interface.
  • "Edit Field Template" icon will appear when an item is edited by a user with sufficient security.
  • Improved Performance for Customer Portal
  • Redesigned the “Filter Bar” that indicates whether the grid is being filtered by project, release, and/or team member.
  • Filters and sorting criteria can be removed all at once or one-by-one.
  • Simplified Tools menu with better grouping.

12.1 Fixes

  • Adding items from related item accordion would not select the same project as main item
  • AddWork Log window would sometimes not allow focus in IE9
  • Exporting worklogs ignoring filter options
  • Deleting a Pick List that was in use would cause error on edit item
  • Manage Users page does not close on Save
  • GitHub API key not being saved in System Options
  • Github commits don't always get associated to an item

12.1.2 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released August 18th, 2012

12.1.2 Fixes

  • Add/edit page doesn't allow save when customer contact field is visible but not editable
  • Adding work log in Firefox doesn't highlight 0 value
  • Alert conditions that have estimated fields which trigger would produce an error on save item
  • Alert tab grid does not display item type for created alert
  • Alerts using custom integer field produces error on edit item
  • All characters within angle brackets <> are ignored within project name
  • 'All Items' report was producing an error
  • Assigned To field gets overwritten by step actions after Work Log prompt is entered
  • Canned responses do not auto scrolling in popped out edit window
  • Cannot add item if on “all projects” is select and project field is not visible or have default value
  • Cannot copy API Key for GitHub > System Options in Firefox
  • Certain Field Level security fields made non-editable will break edit item template
  • Changing workflow step using Multi-Edit logs out user if non admin
  • Deactivating Admin Account Breaks User Count
  • Deleting security roles should provide a warning message if currently used by users
  • Drag and Drop on Add Field Template page is not working with Firefox 14.01
  • Edit and Edit in Workflow button always activated on item selection when user doesn't have permission
  • Edit Workflow step not triggering external process
  • Importing customer contacts doesn't map correctly when using Company URL field
  • Moving item to another type creates the wrong item type id for notifications
  • Multi-edit prompt showing Incident id on update rather than incident number
  • Multi-select picklists were always editable even when assigned as read-only on field template
  • Notifications don't trigger for 3rd party emails on comments field
  • Step Actions not including built-in users for users list fields
  • Unicode text not searchable
  • Uploading files with drag and drop then from add menu causes a browser crash in Chrome v21
  • When adding a text custom field with size > 100, the height is not displayed correctly in field templates
  • When Project accordion is collapsed the project filter is still applied if all other accordions are collapsed
  • When replying to emails with embedded images, the image would be lost after sending
  • Workflow Step notifications not getting sent through menu or multi-edit
  • Fixed Mobile - Customer Contact Name field doesn't save change
  • Downloading attachments over SSL with IE8 would produce error
  • IE7 users sometimes get a blank page
  • Search field is only displaying first letter of the field types labels
  • Project Dashboard would not show existing views and produce error on add new view

12.0.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released April 7th, 2012

12.0.1 Fixes

  • Quick adding a release would insert today's date even when left blank
  • Add item workflow step actions other than first step would not be applied
  • Grouping by field not included on grid caused duplicate groups
  • Customer Portal not allowing add attachments when user only has "Allow add attachments to public items" permissions
  • Customer Portal log in not working when in iframe on IE and Safari
  • Customer Portal when using "Auto Filter Items" it was causing error when user clicked on view item
  • SDK with customer password service
  • SDK with users services
  • VS.Net Editing an item would crash on save if using custom multi picklists in field template
  • VS.Net changing workflow with force edit was not applying the new workflow step selected

12.0 Release Notes

12.0 New

  • Updated Visual Studio Extension
  • Administrators and other users with appropriate access within Axosoft hosted can add or remove users and products.
  • Users can view payment histories and update their contact information, without logging into an external store.
  • Added PDF button to the grid to create a PDF document based on current filter and group by settings.

12.0 Improvements

  • The add/edit projects, add/edit users, system options and customer portal options screens have been redesigned.
  • Customer Portal – Performance boost
  • Customer Portal – Improved item management for end users
  • Customer Portal – New login screen
  • Customer Portal – New visual design
  • Customer Portal – Now has limited IE 7 Support

12.0 Fixes

  • Fixed Drag and Drop attachment produces error when accordion is pushed below items grid
  • Fixed Audit Trails always shows items edited through customer portal are edited as the initial contact assigned to item
  • Fixed Custom picklist using customers list which contain “ ' ” produces an error if you edit the item
  • Fixed Adding attachments to large text field error if adding a non-image file
  • Fixed Adding attachments into large text fields would not work intermittently
  • Fixed “Enforce workflow step selection for items” setting should not affect other settings in edit project
  • Fixed Deleting workflow being used by project produces error on save project
  • Fixed Edit project produces an error if a large text field is assigned to the project
  • Fixed Users could not save item in a new workflow step if user permission didn’t allow move to another step
  • Fixed Add user licenses on manage users produces error in Installed version
  • Fixed Customer contact not being inserted on add item if selected on accordion
  • Fixed Viewing a project then closing window would cause grid not to update any project selection after
  • Fixed Edit button disabled in view menu if user only has workflow edit privileges
  • Fixed “Notify Customer” checkbox is not selectable in IE9
  • Selected Team Member is not getting assigned to the assigned to field on add item
  • Adding users with new user defaults produces error
  • When adding team members through the accordion, the user list was not getting refreshed after save
  • User options menu not scrollable
  • Linking wiki page inside editor produces error
  • Wiki pages disappearing after add in some cases
  • Wiki pages for Archived Projects do not display in the wiki tab
  • Projects and Releases assigned in field templates are not being applied on add item
  • Customer Portal – Customers that had search criteria were not getting cleared after upgrade to version 12.0
  • Customer Portal – Items in embedded portal grid were not scrollable
  • Customer Portal – Workflow Step notifications not firing for new items created in portal
  • Customer Portal – Auto-Filter Public Items throwing error when using ‘Customer’ as filter condition
  • Customer Portal – Attachments in Large Text Fields allows for multiple uploads but only attaches first file
  • Customer Portal – Embedded portal not refreshing item grid list after save and close
  • Customer Portal – Open item in a new window not working in IE
  • Customer Portal – Parent and Child Picklist were not loading correctly if hidden on IE8