Editing Items

To edit any item in your backlogs, select the item and click the Edit button in the workspace toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut E.

You can also edit the selected item in a new window by using the keyboard shortcut shift + E.

The Edit Field Template

Just like the Full Add template, update any information needed in the fields and then click Save or Save and Close. Any required fields will be displayed in bold and not allow you to save the item until all required information has been entered.


If you have multiple items selected, and click the Edit button or press E, then Axosoft will launch the Multi-Edit window and allow you to update a field for all of the selected items in a single action. Just select which field you would want to change from the dropdown, and then update its value.

Drag and drop editing

You can also drag and drop any items to update certain fields. Drag an item to any of the panes in the Organize Panel on the left to change project, release/sprint, associated customer contact, or assigned user.

If your current grid view is organized into groups based on fields, you can edit those fields for items with drag and drop. For more information on this process and using grouping, visit the Grouping page.

Inline editing

Right-click on any cell in the List View grid to edit that field for the selected item(s). In the following example, we right-clicked the Assigned To field and then selected Edit Assigned To. This will launch the Multi-Edit window and allow you to easily update the value.

Workflow and project template

When editing an item, the default behavior is to launch the field template associated with the item's current workflow step, as item information may change from step to step. You can also instead launch the generic field template associated with the current item's project, which does not change based on workflow step.

To select the specific edit behavior, right-click the item and select the desired edit option from the dropdown menu.

For more information on configuring field templates for different workflow steps, visit the Managing Workflows page.