Version 13

Release dates: December 2012 - November 2013

This page covers all the noted changes introduced in version 13 of Axosoft.

  • Card View
  • Rank View
  • Portal security roles
  • TFS Integration

13.3.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - November 10, 2013

13.3.1 Fixes

  • Permission error dragging cards into new workflow step if user doesn't have either “edit in project” or “edit in workflow” permission
  • Notification are not triggered if text field has invisible characters which don't get parsed XML
  • String fields will trigger notifications when no actual change occurs
  • Tables created in large text fields disappear once user clicks inside the table
  • Editing security role produces error if a report was deleted that the role had permission to
  • Quick filter column for “assigned to” and “reported by” shows the wrong list of users based on view item type permissions
  • Exceeding user log in limit page doesn't redirect administrator to manage user page to fix license issue
  • Notifications based on comments field when triggered through portal sometimes didn't send emails in Portal
  • TFS Commit not showing files in accordion/tab for TFS 2010
  • TFS mapping to “WorkspaceOwner” instead of “CheckinOwner”
  • Tortoise not mapping to users
  • GitHub description is not displayed correctly when adding work log

13.3 Release Notes

Released: October 6th, 2013

13.3 New

  • Source Control Management – Team Foundation Server integration added.
  • Source Control Management – New management screen. Includes GitHub, TFS, and TortoiseSVN by default.
  • Card View – Added Edit Workflow and Edit Workflow Step options when right-clicking a workflow column header.
  • Workflow – Default workflows for Scrum, Kanban and Waterfall added.

13.3 Improvements

  • Field templates – Field Template Editor now allows deletion of custom fields.
  • Projects – Quick-adding a project now allows selection of workflows if multiple workflows exist for each particular item type.
  • Installed – SQL 2005 no longer supported.
  • Windows Client – Windows client no longer supports SCM integration.
  • API – Work logs get_some API now provides option to filter by date range.

13.3 Fixes

  • Security Fixes
  • Notifications should allow field value triggers when adding a created notification type.
  • Notification templates displays system.string[} for multi-select pick list values.
  • Drag and Drop projects to favorites produces error and action does not work.
  • Parent Releases does not display in a correct hierarchy when viewing Project Release Access section inside of edit project.
  • Saving phone numbers for customer contacts get truncated at 20 characters.
  • Scrolling is disabled on Customer Contact Fields if data doesn't fit on screen.
  • Copying to another item type shouldn't require add privilege for source item.
  • Requiring a hyperlink field causes an error saving item.
  • Add the ability to edit custom fields in gear menu on edit field template page.
  • Sort by “last login” not working for manage users page.
  • Deleting all custom fields for an item type then adding a new custom large text field produces error.

13.2.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - July 31st, 2013

13.2.1 Fixes

  • Ability to customize the number of lines for title field in card view
  • Allow sorting on notification location column in manage notifications
  • Incident ID is displaying in subject line {ITEMID} instead of Incident Number for delete notifications
  • 'Add a field as a parameter' button doesn't work when adding a hyperlink custom field
  • When sorting by Audit Date then by Audit Time under Audit trails tab would cause an error
  • Email Preview is center justified when item is opened in a new window
  • 'Attach a File' link prevents emails from sending out
  • Auto Refresh trigger closes item when in view mode
  • Saved views are not selecting appropriate release if accordion is collapsed
  • 'Add sender to notification list' option in email account is not adding sender to item under notification accordion
  • Opening item in a new window in IE after enter some data caused data to be cleared in large text fields
  • Upgrade script for SQL 2005 was failing
  • Capacity hours are not rolling up to parent when set to AUTO if releases go 3 or more levels deep
  • Suppress notification is not working when turned on for workflow step settings
  • Custom Checkbox fields don't update value on Multi-Edit
  • Drag and Drop to attachments field is not enabled for view item in a new window
  • Money numerical fields cause errors saving projects if you enter 2.5, only accepted whole numbers
  • Date and Time custom field displays "1/1/1899 12:00:00 AM" in notification when saved blank
  • Quick edit release or project produces error if the new name included a "less than" symbol
  • Edit button disabled in Portal for non-publicly viewable items even if item is assigned to current logged in customer
  • Comments and Attachments should allow add in view page if user has permissions and fields are in field template in Portal
  • Contacts without 'My items include company's items' permission still see all items assigned to customer in Portal
  • Attachments in Mobile do not display

13.2 Release Notes

13.2 New

  • Release Capacity Planning that can set a limit on the amount of work in a release
  • Determine which fields are visible on each type of item card.
  • Added an attachments field in field templates
  • Project Label renaming
  • Ability to toggle filter on items grid
  • New Keyboard shortcuts for stack ranking

13.2 Improvements

  • Improved filters, including the ability to toggle them on and off when viewing your backlog
  • New keyboard shortcuts and other improvements for stack ranking

13.2 Fixes

  • Selecting a child item won't allow you to double click on parent item if accordion if pushed below items grid
  • Sorting by customer contact last name not working while using searching criteria
  • Using quick filters on items grid for customer and contact pick lists produces error
  • Cannot save item if field level security for multi-select pick list is turned on
  • Drag and Drop for workflow mode not working in card view if grouped by project or workflow
  • Email replies to an item not releasing lock after attachment has been added to item
  • Filter by Current User and Grouping by Created Date produces error
  • Grouping by customer/contact custom field then using quick filter for that field would cause issues with user settings
  • Project Date fields not saving
  • Can't save project if you add a short time field to project
  • Deleting a project that has children or siblings produces an error
  • Custom Dates not displaying in filter notifications
  • Default Template set in notification settings are not getting selected by default on add notification
  • Multi-Select picklists always triggering notification even when no value has changed for field
  • Default sort on Wiki pages should be alphabetical
  • Invalid HTML causes large text fields to crash browser
  • Large text fields breaks when "dt" tags are not enclosed in "dl"
  • Workflow Step notifications are not being sent if item has been created through an email account
  • Grid settings not saving after a page refresh or log out
  • The detail accordions (comments and description) should be grayed if there is no field template assigned for Portal
  • Need filter for my items vs. company items so they are not combined if settings is checked

13.1.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released May 27th, 2013

13.1.1 Fixes

  • Company/Customer page needs to create section based on groups created in
  • Detailed Project Copy produces an error
  • Multi-Edit for custom pick list does not update if previous value was "null"
  • Workflow Notification would send email to previous step and the current step assigned on workflow step move
  • Scheduled notification to run on specific days were running on days not checked
  • Workflow step notifications not fired on workflow step change through Multi-Edit
  • Comment notifications not sending if comments was the only trigger field in list
  • Notifications not displaying comments field in detail change email templates
  • Notifications are getting triggered when an item is not changed but saved
  • Custom Comment field that are part of field template cause email notification not to get triggered
  • Project Notifications can be open by user without permission but no changes were saved
  • Change Field Value Notifications is displaying java data instead of actual value on tooltip
  • Send Notifications to Inactive Users is always sending notifications
  • Notifications do not require a name which is causing blank notifications in system
  • Add option to include/exclude todays work from burndown
  • Add Option to exclude sub releases from burndown chart
  • Rounding errors in the burndowns causing remaining time to be non-zero which resulted in releases to never be complete
  • Burndown chart doesn't refresh when you change item release by dragging and dropping to a different release
  • Item Type sort in All Items tab not working correctly
  • View Attachment window always selecting next attachment even when user clicks back
  • When an item is in view mode and attachment is added in the details panels the view window closes after attachment is finished
  • Customer information not showing when clicking on 'info' button for customer contact field
  • Adding New Contact through add/edit item page not automatically adding contact to item
  • Large text field not saving data for customer/contact custom large text fields
  • Replying to an incoming email that has CC causes email selection to take focus and won't go away until you click inside the CC field
  • Field labels that have changed don't reflect correctly in email templates/notifications
  • Email Template section not displayed under workflow step notification tab in smaller screen resolutions
  • Add option To Update the "From" Emails in Email Templates
  • Non Consolidated Filter Notifications need to include item # subject parameters
  • Incident Search (v + i keys) doesn't pre-populate the prefix
  • Custom Number fields value change is not being displayed in email notifications
  • Scroll bar covering field selector for notifications on included/excluded selection and unable to move fields over
  • Using to add related item is using first project on list instead of current project item is assigned to
  • Multi menus not working in touchscreen Windows 8 devices
  • Date picker does not highlight todays date if field has no value
  • Calendar always defaults to current month when date has already been saved
  • Users without delete permission would see the delete button enabled under manage user but no actions could be performed
  • Views not saving selected customer if customer was select through the customer search
  • Quick filters are not an option for saved views
  • If Customer Contact doesn't have access to defects no tab is selected on Log In in Portal
  • Customers can add attachments to items outside of allow add/edit project setting in Portal
  • Customer contact can click on edit profile and change the company name (Company info should be disabled) in Portal
  • Customer Portal Accordion not respecting field template permissions always enabled
  • Getting permission denied error in portal if add template is assigning project field to a value outside of customer security role in Portal
  • When replying to an email in mobile users would get an error message

13.1 Release Notes

13.1 New

  • Gravatars for each team member
  • Drag and drop support when moving items between groups in List View and Card View.
  • Customer Portal security roles

13.1 Improvements

  • Improved email notifications and notification templates
  • Additional API functionality
  • Improved search that allows users to find contacts by looking across all customers.
  • IE 10 support
  • Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 Support (IIS 8.0)

13.1 Fixes

  • Update comments input to have option not to submit on Enter key
  • Custom Dates for Work Log Tab not working
  • Dashboard Gadgets produce error when a high load of projects and releases are requested
  • Adding a related item through the accordion doesn't create the relationship with current item
  • Duplicate comments added if field is required on field template when saving item

13.0.2 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released January 26th, 2013

13.0.2 Fixes

  • Performance Improvements
  • One-time notifications in edit item is not getting triggered
  • Deleting all preferred time unit types but one from the system causes the grid produce javascript errors
  • Help form disappears and loses content when hovering away from it
  • History tab not displaying specific changes if docked in right pane
  • After signup the customer is not logged in automatically if require to be approved is turned off in Portal

13.0.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release - Released January 12th, 2013

13.0.1 Fixes

  • Large text fields lock item on edit when users do not have field level security but doesn't release lock
  • Clicking send on email produces processing error if user doesn't have permission to new emails
  • Saving an existing item after adding a custom pick list would produce error if user didn't have field level security on that pick list
  • Users with 'Add Project' Role couldn't save on 'Full Add' without 'Edit Project' permissions
  • Filter alerts need to show Company Name when Customer Contact name is part of the email template
  • Option to show/hide inactive users from organize pane
  • Adding security roles with comma produces a "Valid Security Role is Required" error on save
  • Date and Time field doesn't save if no date is entered
  • Custom date & Time field with short time do not allow save if required
  • Related Items use Project Template rather than Workflow Template on edit
  • User options window creates a lot of white space in FireFox
  • Improved performance with databases that have thousands of projects
  • After Changing workflow color, the new colors don't display till a page refresh
  • Customer Contact info panel does not scroll if needed
  • Edit in project template doesn't prompt work log on save when workflow step is suppose to prompt for it
  • Login in IE10 produces some errors after logout
  • Popping out item into a new window re-applies field template and step action values
  • Quick Filter needs to have a scroll when list exceeds the screen area vertically
  • Preferred time unit selection not changing group headers/total at bottom
  • Performance Improvements
  • One-time notifications in edit item is not getting triggered
  • Deleting all preferred time unit types but one from the system causes the grid produce javascript errors
  • Help form disappears and loses content when hovering away from it
  • History tab not displaying specific changes if docked in right pane
  • Releases accordion doesn't refresh after project drag and drop
  • Work Logs tab needs to have a preferred time unit like other Item type tabs
  • Searching with an apostrophe in the large text field would cause empty result
  • Email attachments produce object reference error when importing emails that have text only in email but html as attachment
  • Shortcut keys for emails need to work on email accordion for item type like emails tab
  • Emails to contacts with french accents produce error
  • Deleting project used as default for email account causes ghost items
  • Item with tab in email/description would cause item not be editable
  • Having a percent/number combo in Wiki returns blank space
  • Deleting project which is used by new customer default wiki settings causes issues with add/edit wiki in portal
  • When item is assigned to [No Workflow Step] trying to do a multi-edit with workflow produces an error
  • Cannot add fields to item details in email templates
  • All emails showing as incoming on Emails Tab
  • Emails tab not showing attachments associated
  • Adding comments on the edit page removes comments once you click on save (UI only)
  • Edit project in Global Settings locator produces error on save
  • Using 'vi' throws error if space entered after incident number
  • Wiki notification not allowing customers to view wiki pages they have permissions too in portal
  • Step actions were not being applied for the first step when adding in portal
  • Search not working for wiki pages for portal
  • Remove Work Log and Percent Complete from grouping label in Customer Portal
  • The gear to sort and group is not displayed in IE9 for portal
  • After signup the customer is not logged in automatically if require to be approved is turned off in Portal
  • Parent/Child pick list not working in mobile
  • Workflow step not saved when force edit template doesn't have the workflow step in field template for Mobile
  • Filters not saving after log out on next log in for mobile
  • Special characters were not being allowed for passwords in mobile
  • Viewing item produces error if project doesn't have a field template assigned for Windows

13.0 Release Notes

13.0 New

  • Card View that allows users to see user stories, bugs, incidents and other items in your grid on visual display cards without losing the capabilities of the List View.
  • Stack rank backlog items in List View with drag and drop.
  • Restrict access and visibility to releases based on existing project access via security roles.
  • Hosted users can now initiate a support ticket from right inside the web app.
  • Help options like documentation, video tutorials and training are now readily accessible from the main UI.

13.0 Improvements

  • Easier to edit security roles and see which users are assigned a particular role.
  • Expanded our RESTful API support with APIs for worklogs, workflow, security roles, and picklists.
  • The application on Installed requires .NET Framework 4.5, which is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows 2003.

13.0 Fixes

  • Changing items to project without workflow errors produces an error
  • Changing parent item project would produce error on save
  • Clicking attach a file when replying to an email brings up attachment window behind the email window
  • Edit item produces error if custom field pick list in item are tied to a deleted pick list
  • 'Release' field does not show up in Work Log list export
  • Saving year as 2 digits will produce an error on any calendar field
  • Customer Portal workflows are cleared out if a workflow step requiring work log and item is edited by portal user.