About Workflow

Go with the flow! Workflow is another significant part of the Axosoft product. It communicates and tracks your team's progress while triggering actions automatically. If you're a general user, the first link below should be all you need. If you're configuring workflow, then take a look the rest of the advanced content.

What's the difference between Workflow and Status?

Status is a global list field that is available for any item type. Think of it as the umbrella for all workflows in Axosoft:

Workflow A Workflow B Status
Defect Found New Incident Open
Assigned to QA Awaiting Customer Reply In Progress
Assigned to Dev Customer Responded In Progress
Ready for Release Solved Closed
Rejected Defect Report Closed

Workflow is not a global field. The workflow for any given item is instead driven by the project folder it is assigned.

However workflow allows you to update fields, trigger notifications, block or auto-advance parent or child items, prompt for work logs, and more.

If you wish to automatically update the Status of an item when it moves to a new workflow step, consider enabling a Workflow Step Action.

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