Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can make time spent with Axosoft more efficient.

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You can also view shortcuts via Help Keyboard Shortcuts.

The Axosoft interface

Command Palette shift + p
Undo last action Z
Cancel focusing current window esc
Toggle Organize Panel shift + L
Toggle Right Details Panel shift + D
Toggle Bottom Details Panel shift + B
Toggle Scratchpad S

Working with the item grid

Focus the next item J
Focus the previous item K
Expand/collapse focused item < or >
Check/uncheck focused item X
Search the item grid /

Creating items

Create a new item (specific item tabs only) C
Create a new item in a new window (specific item tabs only) shift + C
Create a new work item N then F
Create a new task N then T
Create a new incident N then I
Create a new subitem N then S
Quick add a new work item Q then F
Quick add a new task Q then T
Quick add a new incident Q then I
Quick add: save item enter
Full add: save and close item ctrl + shift + S

Viewing items

View an item O or enter
View an item in a new window shift + O
View a work item V then F
View an incident V then I
View a task V then T
Close an item being viewed U

Editing items

Edit an item E
Edit an item in a new window shift + E
Edit durations for initial and remaining estimates for an item D
Add work log to an item W
Save item changes ctrl + S
Save and close when editing item ctrl + shift + S

Rank Mode

Move item to top rank M then T
Move item to bottom rank M then B
Unrank an item M then U

Managing emails

Reply to an email R
Reply to all recipients A
Forward an email F
Reply to an email in a new window shift + R
Reply to all recipients in a new window shift + A
Forward an email in a new window shift + F