Version 16

v16.5 Release Notes

Hosted Release: October 6th, 2016

16.5 New

  • @ mentions! Hey, @y’all: ever used Twitter, Slack, GitHub? If so, you’re probably already familiar with @ mentions. If not, @ mentions allow you to notify specific team members by inserting their handle in the item your writing. And, now they’re in Axosoft!

    • Mention team members to ensure they’re aware of pertinent information, all without having to leave what you’re writing.
    • As you begin to type a team member’s name, Axosoft will search and list team members for you.
    • Team members can choose to be notified by email when they are mentioned, striking the perfect balance between being efficiently in the loop without being bombarded with updates left right and center. @ mentions are also supported in large text fields and in comments, so you can really direct those conversations as you go.
    • Team @ mentions: Got a team you need to notify all at once? No problem, @ mentions support mentioning your teams as well.
  • We’ve hooked you up with some source control hooks for:

    • Bitbucket (Git)
    • GitLab
    • Visual Studio Team Services (Git + TFVC).
  • You can now set a customer as a notification recipient and all nested contacts will become recipients.

16.5 Improvements

  • “Audit Trails” has been renamed to History.
  • Work logs are now logged in the main History tab.
  • Moved the ability to show/hide inactive projects to a tab setting, so you can easily reference projects in either state per tab rather than globally.
  • When the search input is focused, pressing the Esc key will clear your search. It’s what you’d expect from your trusty Esc key!
  • You can now use keyboard shortcuts for toggling panels:
    • Shift + L to toggle the left panel,
    • Shift + R to toggle the right panel,
    • Shift + B to toggle the bottom panel.

16.5 Fixes

  • Filtering items that were completed up to a certain date would not include that certain date. We like to think of ourselves as inclusive, and that goes for our date filters, too. Sorry. Fixed.
  • When inputting data and trying to undo a sub-item modification, some users would experience continuous spinning arrows with no results displayed. Despite being an apt visual metaphor for the perpetual waiting process to which users were being subjected, it was entirely bad and irritating. The issue is fixed, and we apologize for any frustration this caused our users.
  • On the main work logs tab, deletions are now consistent.
  • Speaking of consistency, filtering would sometimes produce some quirky ‘graying out’ inconsistencies which are now behaving as expected.
  • Release ID in the audit trails (history) tab no longer breaks when trying to sort.
  • Here’s a hypothetical situation: Imagine you have 3 projects. Now imagine that you want to transfer an item entered into one of the first two projects, into the third project. Intermittently, this would not be allowed. Now, here’s the extra-bizarro part: imagine that third project having a sub-project, and that sub-project accepting the change with open arms, every time, even when its parent would reject it. Well, for some people, this wasn’t hypothetical at all. It was REAL, and real annoying. Bummer. We’ve straightened out that behavior.
  • PDF rendering works once more for items in an inactive release.
  • Removing a pick list value assigned to a filter no longer throws an error, because that very error was an erroneous error.
  • If a field template was missing a parent list field, the field template would break. No longer!
  • The mass portal approval email warning was still appearing even when the notification was turned off, in a kind of Microsoft Clippy level of intrusiveness that is no more.
  • Sorted out some shifty behavior with the Date and Time fields adjusting every time workflow steps were updated.
  • Multi-editing items in the French version of Axosoft now works as expected.
  • Related Items Edit Item no longer breaks if executed inside a popup window.
  • Removing a list value now updates all settings using those values.
  • Remember that time you could search for multiple item IDs simply by comma-separating them in the search box? Those were good times, and we never meant to let go of them. Whoops and sorry, this functionality is restored.
  • Removed scope work no longer incorrectly totals toward Work Remaining in the dashboard gadget.
  • For some users, hiding a project panel in a super tab and then going back in did not filter off the releases associated with that last project. We have fixed this.
  • “Manage Custom Fields” now works even if you’re not an administrator.
  • Custom work log fields no longer go blank when moving items.
  • Public view permission now prevents users from creating public tabs.
  • You can now remove a user from a Release Planner release when 90+ items are assigned to that user. Because, it turns out, you couldn’t before.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to right-click on worklogs.
  • In some cases, sample data would produce a 500 error. That’s not a good error. And it is no longer an error you will see.
  • Selecting a user or team in the context panel would result in the selection immediately being _de_-selected. We selected this bug for extermination, and it is no more.
  • (INSTALLED customers): Some rare issues with speed performance, unrelated to server spec, have been fixed.

16.4.1 Release Notes

16.4.1 New

  • Microsoft Azure AD login: This is a new “External Login” extension, allowing your team members to login to Axosoft using your company’s Microsoft Azure AD credentials. This saves you the hassle of creating credentials for each individual team member. Hooray! You can set this option under Tools Manage Extensions External Login

16.4.1 Improvements

  • Search all the things! All list fields — including multi-select lists — are now searchable.
  • Search even more of all the things! Customer and Contact fields are now searchable, too.
  • Source Control details now show commit date, in addition to the time, author, message and file change info.
  • Quick-add a sub-project: You can now right click a project and click “Add” to (surprise!) add a sub-project.

16.4.1 Fixes

  • Field templates: Non-administrator users editing field templates can now select any user (including placeholders) as the default user.
  • Fixed an issue where renamed workflow step names wouldn’t display correctly in audit trails.
  • When searching, the search field properly defaults to ID and Title if the actual selected field doesn’t exist.
  • When adding a custom text field, the field size defaults to 50, which is a nice, satisfyingly round number as well as being a reasonable input size.
  • Search no longer highlights ‘stop words’ (e.g. “and,” “or,” “not”) because you weren’t actually going to be searching for those words. Were you?

16.4.0 Release Notes

Hosted Release: September 1st, 2016

16.4.0 New

  • New sample data: Our sample data now parodies a project conducted by a certain Galactic Empire a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Bonus points if you remember to patch that exhaust port issue.
  • New tutorials: Explore the app and learn about features in whatever order you prefer; the tutorial bar will track your progress. You can also visit the Help menu to show/hide the tutorial bar and for additional help resources.
  • Related Items count: There is now a dedicated column, showing you the number of related items associated with each item. The grid view also appends related items info to each item so you can quickly reference them.

16.4.0 Improvements

  • Tree Views: When adding or editing an item, you can now use a new searchable tree view to enter Project and Release details. This replaces the drop-down selector in previous versions, making it look puny in comparison.
  • Search results now highlight and bold the search string, just like you’d expect.
  • Notifications now let you know exactly how items have changed. The notification’s “Change Details” now show “Changed From” and “Changed To” so you have a comparison of how fields have changed. Simply add the {CHANGEDETAILS} placeholder into your notification template to include them.
  • Custom Text Field Length: You can now change the length of a custom text field. But, you can’t reduce it. It would be bad. If you’re fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing: Axosoft will not let you cut down already-defined field lengths, to ensure you don’t potentially lose data in existing field values (where they would exceed a reduced max length). Whew.
  • Related Items: When viewing related items, there is an additional column to tell you the work item type if the Related Items pane is docked to the bottom of your screen.
  • Unlink Subitems: When viewing a subitem, you can now quickly unlink it from its parent by clicking the “x” next to its parent label.
  • Title Truncation: Title of an item cut off because it’s too long in your list? Hover over the title to see it in full.
  • Minor UI improvements. Drum roll please...:
    • Standup feature relocated to bottom right
    • We changed the default features tab from a roadmap icon to… wait for it... a generic list icon! Finally!

16.4.0 Fixes

  • Dragging and dropping an item would accidentally create a subitem, which was not supposed to happen. This was a real drag, so we dropped it.
  • The Sort By: Workflow Step button no longer goes MIA under certain conditions.
  • Users prevented from changing a specific field would still be able to update that field if performing a workflow step change. Restricted users can no longer do that.
  • When modifying an existing email connection, you can now edit auto-replies.
  • Filtering has been tightened up, and now only allows items that are enabled in Tools System Options General to be filtered.
  • When an account was at user capacity, the admin user account would not activate. This was not an intentional behavior, and it no longer happens.
  • Web: The dashboard legend would be stubborn and refuse to go away, even after unchecking the “show legend” checkbox and saving the gadget.
  • Shortcut N + F now adds a feature, which is what it should have done all along.
  • Web: Saving tickets in multi-edit now shows ID numbers in the multi-edit window.
  • We’ve improved the performance of add/edit page loads when there are a large number of parent-child picklists with a large number of values. Turns out people don’t like waiting very much, so we sped that up significantly.

v16.3 Release Notes

Hosted Release: June 7th, 2016

16.3 New

  • Work Log meet Field Template! It is now possible to default and require a Work Log Type, and add other custom fields. These along with customer contact related fields are available as columns in the Work Logs tab and Bottom Panel suited for tracking or reporting on the amount of work done

  • Access your work logs field template from Tools Fields Field Templates Projects, Customers, Contacts, Work logs

  • Cycle Time and Flow: We have two new dashboard gadgets for you. The Flow chart tells you how many items are in a workflow step or status by day over a period of time. Cycle Time tells you how long between the items start and end by workflow step or status

16.3 Improvements

  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added on the context and taskbar menus for reference. You can always strike the shortcut for the full list
  • Release Planner: The Planner now also updates as work is being done. Speaking of shortcuts, durations can be quickly modified using D and Work logs can also be added using W for items on the left.
  • Standup considers user capacity in calculations for items in a release. A Work Item Type field or custom list field can also be configured in settings
  • Card View: New system option to hide disallowed workflow steps set under Allowed Next Steps available from Tools System Options General Card View Settings
  • Global Search: Items archived or existing in inactive projects and releases now appear in Global Search
  • Attachments pop-up can add descriptions to new files and also remove unneeded uploads
  • Audit Trails: Access a new quick filter on the Changed By column in the Audits workspace tab
  • Emails Tab: Created By added to Emails tab and can be set as a column
  • Last Login is available in Manage Customers and Contacts to see when a contact last accessed the portal
  • Quick Tips: New short text tips added for Loading screen. You will see it on next login!
  • API: GET, POST, and DELETE are now available for /comments

16.3 Fixes

  • Cannot save items due to field being flagged as a multi-select list
  • Default Wiki Page not loading in Customer Portal
  • No workflow options available in card view dropdown for a project inheriting workflow
  • Error adding item when a blank step action exists on a decimal formatted number custom field which has a default value on the field template
  • Correct saving of layout UI settings for contacts on Portal when switching tabs
  • Refocus item upon ESC for use of navigational shortcuts
  • Text fields should not allow a user to type beyond character limit
  • Multi-edit Text field allows for value beyond Field size
  • Edit button for field templates in French and German is floating
  • Copy URL is producing for the original item viewed if navigating using arrows and not the currently viewed item
  • The search keyboard shortcut / now correctly brings up search input in main workspace and Wiki
  • Horizontal scrolling in Details Panel
  • Login fails when a security has no access to any item types for projects

v16.2 Release Notes

Hosted Release: April 13th, 2016

  • Rebuilt Audit Trails now includes new audits on several objects including Projects, Releases, Users & Teams, and others across the application
  • Copy, move, and duplicate up to 100 items at once via the context menu
Axosoft Installed: this version also includes v16.1 changes.

16.2 Improvements

  • The pin option has been removed on Organize, Details and Bottom panels. When collapsing and expanding the panels will automatically stick!
  • Multi-select lists can be quick filtered from the column headers in list view
  • Remaining Estimate tied with Initial Estimate unless Remaining Estimate is updated separately
  • Filter burndown by team in Standup
  • Multi-select users in Manage Users to activate, deactivate, or unlock multiple users at once. Don't forget you can multi-edit vacation days here too!
  • Add work log entries on associated items directly from the Work Logs tab via the context menu
  • Notification panel is disabled on wiki pages by default

16.2 Fixes

  • Multi-edit selected items produces a permission denied error
  • Work log type defaulting to blank resulting in Error processing request
  • Grouping by date on work logs totals correctly against time zone localization
  • Durations “d” keyboard shortcut works in All Items type tabs
  • Saving tabs settings now saves search criteria
  • Ship date cuts off in large resized speedometer
  • Search images displaying incorrectly on Wiki pages
  • Archived items only applying to filter and not subitems
  • Standup crashing loading Assigned to user
  • Batch deleting 100, 250, and 500 items is now working as expected
  • Removing user associated with a parent item outside of a release can now be removed if there are subitems within the currently selected release
  • We won’t queue emails that are associated with item attachments greater than the max size.
  • In addition to improving performance and preventing failed emails, embedded attachments not included in a notification will not be processed
  • Zendesk updated app integration was approved. With this item references can now properly by unlinked

v16.1 Release Notes

Hosted: March 5th, 2016

16.1 New

  • Release Planner has a new ability to set % Allocated per resource across releases. There is also a button to remove any users from the list who do not have any items assigned.
  • Global Search: toggle between using your preferred filters and disabling any active Projects/Releases/Users/Customers filter to quickly find items
  • New Integrations! Bitbucket for version control and Timeify for tracking time have been added.

16.1 Improvements

  • Accidentally or intentionally hitting the browser back button will no longer return you to the login page. Rather it will escape out of viewing items or confirm discarding changes when editing
  • In Standup mode items will show subitems and time recorded in work logs rolling up to the parent
  • In Tools-Notifications-Settings a From: address can be specified for emailing users - particularly useful when first sending that welcome email on new user creation
  • TFS 2015 support on source control integration plugin

16.1 Fixes

  • In Standup items assigned to a user and worked on will show in both the Work Logged and Assigned sections
  • Error caused by grouping by a custom date field on a Dashboard item chart gadgets. The data also show results if the date is not set on items.

v16.0 Release Notes

Hosted: January 30th, 2016

16.0 New

  • In Manage Users and the Release Planner, you can now quickly add vacation days across multiple users for capacity schedule. No need to individually edit users the next time you add a company holiday.
  • On the Dashboard, Item Charts have the new option for series and to drilldown into grouped data meeting the criteria. Rates can also be added for displaying value based on the chosen aggregates.

16.0 Improvements

  • After adding a team the focus will stay on the previous selection and not the new team
  • When adding items, entered values will persist when switching from quick add including required fields to full edit on the field template
  • The Release field is now available when creating new items from the Zendesk integration
  • Easily archive items on the fly through the context menu
  • Default account data and new user tutorial enhancements
  • When an edit is performed, the undo option alert also includes a direct link to the item

16.0 Fixes

  • In Edit: Project for All Projects, set New Item Project Defaults for when adding items and Filtered by All Projects
  • The Burndown and Speedometer now Includes Subreleases data by default
  • User images on cards now display with correct formatting