Upgrading Installed

The Axosoft installation is a standard process allowing upgrades from one version to the next with ease.

Looking to upgrade?: Manage your account, add users, or renew your maintenance at store.axosoft.com

Performing the Axosoft upgrade

To upgrade from a previous instance of Axosoft, install the new version from our Downloads on your server. When you connect to the database using the updated Axosoft Configuration Utility, you will be prompted to upgrade your database to the newer version.

Important: At this point, upgrading Axosoft will require active maintenance (or license renewal). We recommend taking a full backup of your Axosoft database before performing any updates. You can perform the backup either directly in SQL Management Studio or by clicking on Tools in the lower left of configuration.

If this criteria is met, proceed through the wizard and then click Upgrade Now.

Login as the Axosoft administrator user to perform the upgrade. This is the built-in “admin” account; enter in the admin username and password and then click OK to proceed.

After updating the database, you may need to activate the database in order to allow access. Save and Exit the configuration Utility.

The upgrade process might need to do a number of tasks like add/drop tables, columns, views, and stored procedures which would require elevated SQL permissions. If you are getting any errors during the process you may want to connect using a SQL user with db_owner privileges or the “sa” account.

Note: In order to activate the database with your license, it communicates with our activation server. If this server does not have access to the internet, you can request a manual activation code from success@axosoft.com.

Upgrading other Axosoft components

All Axosoft components like the Axosoft Web Server, Portal, and Email Service need to be on the same version in order to communicate properly. If you have any previous versions of Axosoft following the upgrade, you can safely uninstall them from your machine


Maintenance (or license renewal) can be verified by clicking Activate License Activate Database on the Axosoft App Configuration utility. License information can also be seen after browsing to store.axosoft.com and successfully logging in under My Account on the right.


At the store, under keys, click Settings to see a summary of the currently selected key. You can see if this key is eligible for upgrade if it is active and has not expired under Maintenance.

If a change is necessary to the license or maintenance requires renewal, this can be done by clicking Add Users/Update for the target Product Key. Simply select the necessary changes then Add to Cart. The cart will then display the totals and the ability to complete the checkout with billing information on file.

Pre-upgrade Axosoft 16.2

Note! This pre-upgrade applies to existing Axosoft installs on v14.1-16.0.

Older or newer versions will run through the general upgrading process which will commit to a full upgrade. As always we recommend taking a full backup of your database before taking any action.

With the v16.2 Audit Trails improvements, upgrading can take a significant amount of time to process the changes. We recommend performing the following steps to save some time when upgrading for this version.

This pre-upgrade will not impact current users as it can be done while your production account is in active use.

  1. Download the 16.2 Axosoft Configuration tool directly
  2. Open the .zip and extract the files to a location different than your current Axosoft program files

    Note! Placing the new configuration in a different location will ensure the production database will only go through the pre-upgrade and not the full upgrade process

  3. Run the Axosoft2016Setup.exe Axosoft Configuration Utility

  4. Verify the correct Axosoft Web installation path which points at the live web application
  5. Select Tools in Step 3 for the Database Connection
  6. Connect to the existing SQL Database
  7. Go to the Upgrade tab and select Upgrade to upgrade the database
  8. On successful pre-upgrade, continue with general upgrading process when ready to install and update the Axosoft application to a newer version

404 or Axosoft website hangs on loading

For older versions, a 404 Not Found error can result when using IIS 7.0 or 7.5, which is due to an issue with extensionless routing. This can be addressed through a Microsoft Hotfix by selecting your specific Windows version at the bottom of downloads in More Information.

Overwriting older versions of Axosoft with v15.2+ in some cases can cause the website to hang on login if the site is either a top level site or application. Completely clearing the application files and doing a reinstall to your preferred location will resolve the conflict.

Unable to login for only a few users? First ensure it is not only a client side issue by attempting a different browser or host and check for any exceptions.

If the problem persists, user settings may have been corrupted by malformed data that was saved since the user's last logout, which is typically retained in upgrade/installs. This can be resolved by resetting User Settings in Manage Users under the More dropdown. Note: This will reset user preferences and their view settings as previously known to New User Defaults.


Did you mean Axosoft?

As of v14.1, our installers and product formally dropped "OnTime" references.

When upgrading from previous versions, you will see default logos, names, and paths updated to reflect this change. For example C:\Program Files (x86)\Axosoft\OnTime2013Web to C:\Program Files (x86)\Axosoft\2017.

As of now, Hosted or Installed accounts all have current plan names and you may see references to the "Axosoft Product Suite" used interchangeably with the previous "Axosoft OnTime". If you're lucky, you may even hear our internal team speak the word or see it in logs.

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