Version 18

18.1 Release Notes

Hosted Release: August 4th, 2018

18.1 New

  • The custom checklist field is now available from the Details Panel. Just click the icon to add the pane for any existing checklist fields.
  • New or Reply emails will now display item ID on top of email editor.
  • Title and ID will remain pinned to top in View mode.
  • There's a new setting for system emails. Navigate to Tools Notifications Settings to edit subject and body for these system emails.
  • We have added a new User Setting under System Settings to show or hide the auto-populated users list from the To field in emails.

18.1 Fixed

  • Servers would slow down with certain multi-copy project actions, but this has thankfully been addressed.
  • Fixed the issue where users could not save an item after adding a work log to an item in Edit mode.
  • Field data was previously viewable from the Customer Portal from the developer console.
  • The Description field will no longer auto-change certain code snippets upon save.
  • Fixed the issue where notifications were displaying all changed fields, instead of only the fields that were part of the notification field template.
  • The cursor previously reset to the beginning of a line on large text fields. It should no longer jump around!
  • Removing the File Name column will no longer hide the attachment preview.
  • Deactivated users will no longer have access to their account, regardless if they are still logged in.
  • The Add User form will no longer remove emails if you tab back into the last name field from the email field.
  • You may now delete the last customer from the Customers and Contacts if there is only one left.
  • And you may now click to close the Details Pane using Close Pane

18.1 API

  • API: The Last Updated date/time field would not display the actual time. This has been fixed.

18.0.1 Release Notes: Bugfixes

Hosted Release: May 12th, 2018

18.0.1 Fixed

  • A user selecting a project without enough privileges will no longer get ejected from the add item form. 🚀
  • The All Items Report will now apply your built-in filters when you run the report.
  • Items will now be hidden properly when dragging an item to another group in the list or grid view.
  • Images in {ITEMS_LAST_EMAIL} notifications will now display inside of Axosoft.
  • When accessing the multi-edit dropdown menu, users will no longer be able to select list values if the field is not editable.
  • Fixed issue granting users access to Other Reports security role permission.
  • Adding a work log of 0 hrs will no longer reduce Actual Duration field to 0 hrs if it had a previous value.
  • Remaining Estimate will now update if you paste a value in the Work Done field.
  • Axosoft will now log blacklist error details in the exception viewer.
  • The customer portal’s Details Panel will no longer show item data from the previous selection when adding a new item.
  • Custom date filter on work log tab will filter correctly if you only set the To value.
  • Flow diagram will no longer error with workflow steps longer than 50 characters.
  • Right-clicking to archive items belonging to different item types in an All Items tab will no longer generate an error.
  • The release tooltip has been updated to show the correct data.
  • Light theme will now display on public dashboards. ✨
  • Notifications will successfully trigger when certain syntax is included in the HTML source.
  • Paging up or down on Comments will no longer create a large white space.
  • Axosoft will no longer throw an exception when filtering by the Created By column in the Emails tab.

18.0 Release Notes

Hosted Release: March 17th, 2018

18.0 New

  • We now better support epics! You can create a parent item, with user stories underneath, that have custom checklists as subtasks. 💣💥Mind blowing!
  • Do you have users assigned to multiple releases at once? The Release Planner will now reference which other releases a user is allocated to when you hover over the ⚠️ icon.
  • The Release Planner will now show the team’s total capacity.
  • Are you a Help Desk power-user? We’ve added a paperclip icon 📎 to any emails that have a new attachment in your thread.
  • Notifications list will now show the Created By user column. Navigate to Tools Notifications Manage and click the gear icon to show the column.
  • Axosoft will now recognize REPLY-TO email address for inbound mail. This should help decrease the chance of accidentally replying to the _noreply@example.com_ email addresses of the world.

18.0 Fixed

  • Items created via API will now display the expected field text in notifications, instead of the field value ID.
  • You may now delete item_relations using the API.
  • We fixed the issue where WorklogDateTime showed 12:00 AM for all options entered in Report Manager.
  • We now allow uppercase for the source control hash.
  • Users may now add related items from the History tab, when the item is opened using the v + d shortcut.
  • Axosoft will now prompt users about the 1,000 character cap on Project Descriptions.

Known issue

  • VS.NET plug-in may not connect with v18.0. We're currently reviewing the issue, and we appreciate your patience.