Filter-Matched Notifications

Rather than creating notifications that monitor changes like an item being created or updated, you can also schedule Axosoft to automatically look for items that meet the conditions of a filter and then send out a notification for all items that apply.

For more on creating filters, visit Filters.

Creating a filter-matched notification

When you select Filter Matched at the top, the options under When will this Notification run? will be updated to configure a schedule for the alert. Select the filter for the notification, and then set the schedule on the right.

Send Consolidated Email will send one email for all items that match the filter, or if this option is unchecked, Axosoft will send a separate email for each item. For instance if your filter displays all items that are due this week and there currently are 15 items due, if this option is checked, you will receive one email mentioning all 15 items, or if it is unchecked, you would receive 15 emails.

Note: While not displayed in the UI, Axosoft tracks which user creates a Filter-Match notification.

If this user does not have the correct project permissions or if the user is inactive, then the Filter-Match notification will not run.

Scheduling notifications

For each notification, select when it would run, as well as if it is a one-time alert (for example, running an alert for all items due in the next week every Monday morning), or running continuously (for example, checking every 15 minutes if there are any incidents which have a status of “Unanswered” and were created over 4 hours ago).

Filter-matched notification templates

For filter-matched notifications, because there can be multiple items included in the filter, the item details will be displayed in a grid rather than a single column. Fields in this column are also determined by the field template selected for the notification.

Tip: If you are using the option for Send Consolidated Email, and use the [#ITEMID] in the subject line of the notification, it will not include the item ID in the email, because there are many items referenced in the same email. If this is the case, you may want to either create a new notification template or update your currently used template under Tools Notifications Templates that does not include the [#ITEMID] tag in the subject line.

If you need to include the item ID, uncheck the option for Send Consolidated Email as this creates a 1-to-1 ratio for notifications to items, and the item ID will be included in the subject line.

Help! Filter-matched notification are not running

Filter match notifications may not run if the user who originally created the notification has been deactivated or deleted.

To check if this is the case, navigate to Tools Notifications Manage and click the gear icon to add the User column.

If you see an inactive or deleted user, recreate the filter-matched notification to fix the issue.