Version 15

Release dates: February - December 2015

This page covers all the noted changes introduced in version 15 of Axosoft.

  • Burndown accommodates scope change and series legend toggle
  • Release Planner
  • Converted Views into all new Tabs

15.3.2 Release Notes

Released: December 12th, 2015

15.3.2 New

  • Huge improvements to the burndown chart on the item type tabs and dashboard!
    • The calculation for the burdown now accommodates scope change when adding or removing items, in addition to changing item estimates mid-release. Quickly toggle from the legend to highlight different data by color.
    • Work added to a release will also update past days.
    • Velocity is not affected by changes to scope in adding or removing items to a release.
  • Wiki Attachments are back! Quickly add both image and file documents through the page editor from the attachments icon.

15.3.2 Improvements

  • Rather than Initial Estimate, which didn't make sense, planning using the Release Planner now uses Remaining Estimate for calculation and capacity.
  • Revamped Speedometer gadget for Velocity on the dashboard. Vroom!!!
  • Increased page size limit max to 500 items, up from 200. That is 150% more items in your view!
  • On All Items tabs, Item Type filters can now be toggled on or off, without the need to re-add them from the filter dropdown.
  • Also on All Items, summary data for total items and percent complete is shown in the footer.

15.3.2 Fixes

  • When items in the Release Planner aren't assigned, they are showing remaining hours minutes not preferred time unit selected
  • Re-ordering parent/child lists causes the order of those fields on quick filter on get out of sync.
  • Not having Field level security on custom large text field does not allow to save item when field has content.
  • Custom defect reports are not running when having multiple "Sort Criteria".
  • Cannot rank an item under another item with subitems which is expanded when item is dragged from unranked section.
  • "Manage Release Type" option under More menu in Releases accordion is always disabled.
  • Inactive user receiving workflow notification where user belongs to team included in Recipients.
  • Help Desk Email does not attach to existing thread when ItemId/Number contains a space.
  • Grouping by multi-select list field creates multiple groups for the same value(s).
  • Grouping by multi-select field with multiple Item types creates multiple groups of the same value.
  • Grouping by a mult-select field in a dashboard item gadget does not return group names, but generic 'slice' names.
  • Child Pick List defaulting to first value instead it should have [none] as first option.
  • Visual Studio Plugin fixed an issue causing crashes when expanding sub-items. Also on VS, child lists now display values based on parent selection instead of showing every possible value.

15.3.1 Release Notes

Released: September 26th, 2015

15.3.1 Improvements

  • Freeze 'Group by' header on items when horizontal scrolling.
  • Source HTML in large text field editor has been formatted.
  • Added ability to resize large text field within window.
  • Multi-select list fields can now be updated through multi-edit.

15.3.1 Fixes

  • Non-admin users with manage users permissions do not see security roles assignments when editing a user.
  • Group By not working in Manage Customers and Contacts.
  • Group By Date Time fields not sorting by Time after Date.
  • Require work logs does not allow for save and close when canceled.
  • Right click "Unrank" option does not work in All Items tab when in rank mode.
  • All Items showing subitems from other types when searching.
  • Incident by Week report does not display chronologically when Parent/Child items reported date don't match.
  • Non-Administrator role with add/edit users permission are not getting all the user settings to update.
  • Custom Comments field not retaining value after workflow step change while in edit state.
  • Work log export not creating headers for Company and Customer labels.
  • Worklogs are not showing in panel for items if they are in an inactive release.
  • Moving items from feature to ticket lose the images inside Description.
  • Dashboard per issues when multiple public link are being used at the same time
  • Importing failing when a pick list is deleted for a custom field.
  • Deleting a custom field that was part of Import template produces error on next attempt to import using that particular template.
  • When user has only "edit in workflow" they can perform certain action then get an error based on action. Actions should be disabled.
  • Subitems are not indented in Print view page.
  • Print items on all items page is not displaying filters for individual item types.
  • Copying a workflow does not copy step actions.
  • Search not working for HTML encoded characters.
  • Mobile - Child pick list does not display when selecting parent value.
  • Mobile - Saving a custom date field doesn't save properly.
  • Mobile - Can't save when Assigned To is required.
  • GitHub - Issue import only pulling in first 30 issues.
  • StopWatch - Filter drop down for item type is not working, only filtering the item type but not actual filter conditions.
  • Zendesk - When a module is removed from Axosoft account Zendesk crashes.
  • Visual Studio - Compatibility for Visual Studio 2015.

15.3.0 Release Notes

Hosted: July 25th, 2015 - Installed: July 30th, 2015

15.3.0 New

  • Plan and build releases with the all new Release Planner supertab!
  • User options redesigned to include new user capacity settings.

15.3.0 Fixes

  • Custom fields date or list type not enabled for add/edit customer in IE.
  • Remaining estimate not set by initial estimation in Item Edit when not visible on field template.
  • Copy Custom Field button does nothing when clicked.
  • Search bar does not immediately collapse when active search cleared.
  • Copy URL on View Related Item incorrectly showing Parent Related Item link.
  • Item Details Report showing UTC time for custom date fields.

15.2 Release Notes

Hosted: June 13th, 2015 - Installed: June 18th, 2015

15.2 New

  • New supertabs allow for mutilple tabs of the same type combined with views.
  • New labels on portal security role permissions.
  • Project hierarchy paths when grouping by project.
  • Reports moved under print dropdown on taskbar.

15.2 Fixes

  • Customer contact search results set displays limited results when paging.
  • Date Time stamp on reply to email is getting server timezone instead of system options.
  • Project field not updated if sending email in a new window and 'send and update workflow step'.
  • Import page produces error if item type selected workflow is set to [none].
  • Notification Condition can't be added for duration types.
  • Parent/Child Lists don't filter list based on parent selection in Customers or Customer Contacts page.
  • Print view of items grid doubles time for hours worked and remaining.
  • Project custom pick list field displays 'null' for parent and child lists.
  • Zendesk - Workflow step notifications not working.

15.1 Release Notes

Hosted: April 18th, 2015 - Installed: April 24th, 2015

15.1 New

  • Add, Edit, Filter, Rank, and Export items on All Items.
  • Card View in All Items.
  • Format large text fields default values from Field Templates.
  • Copy/Paste images into Release Notes.

15.1 Fixes

  • Scheduled filter matched notifications for specific days not triggering.
  • Scheduled filter matched notifications sent even when Send Notifications is disabled.
  • When notification is triggered with no field template assigned to item an exception created and notification is not sent.
  • Importing existing contacts is resetting their password.
  • Email account item is linked to support items but can only select templates from defects for Auto-Reply response templates.
  • Changing Workflow Step saves unposted comment which cannot be deleted.
  • Workflow Step Action set remaining estimated = 0 not working if workflow step also prompting for worklog.
  • Updating the workflow step using the send and update workflow button when sending email breaks if updating to same step.
  • Cardview printing is displaying blank first page when many cards are in one workflow step.
  • Auto-advance workflow step for child item still applies step actions when child item is already in workflow step.
  • Edit action after adding a comment when viewing an item returns to grid view.
  • Placeholders {ACTION} {Item Type} {User} {Notification Name} missing as options for subject line on email templates.

15.0 Release Notes

Hosted: March 4th, 2015 - Installed: March 20th, 2015

15.0 New

  • Updated Projects/Customers/Contacts Field Template Layout
  • Change workflow step while sending email

15.0 Fixes

  • Adding placeholder value in subject in notification template appends to end of text instead of cursor position.
  • Notification Template body doesn't auto-grow as you add additional information.
  • Full Add Project throws error if user cannot access at least one item type.
  • Uncheck not deselecting collapsed nodes in Edit Release.
  • Adding quotes to a filter condition for a text field produces an error on save.
  • Importing customer contacts fails if file has blank mapped fields and no defaults values exist.
  • Sending mail to a customer contact with no email address should show some indication email for contact is missing.
  • Custom list types values not sorted correctly in add/edit project.
  • Pick Lists saved in mobile display pick list path rather than value when viewing item in web client.
  • Stopwatch:Submitting multiple work logs in a short period of time produces an error.
  • VS.NET:Cannot login if special characters in user password.